Why the rules are meant to be broken

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There’s the law, and then there’s the rules … and rules, well they’re meant to be broken. I remember repeatedly having the thought that ‘ … it must be easier to go and live in a psychiatric clinic and be drugged into oblivion’. Just so I could have a break from life. Just for a little [...]

9 lies about life that lead you straight to burnout.

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It’s become normal – and something of a bragging point – to be able to point at how hard you’re working. It’s like we’ve confused being burnt out with being successful. The second we adopted social media as a staple in our lives, we also adopted a highly visible way of life. We find ourselves enmeshed [...]

Hang on … wasn’t 2021 supposed to be so much better?

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So many of us spent so much of 2020 desperately wishing that the 1st of January 2021 would hurry up and be with us. We were hit – and hit hard – but somehow we held onto the hope that 2021 would be better. Now, here we are … already one month of 2021 gone and [...]

When it’s all about work, there’s no life, and you’re struggling to find balance: DO THIS

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Every day is a battle between finding time and getting everything done. Some days it feels like you’re a magician, magicking things out of nowhere, moving through time that doesn’t exist, putting out spot fires, dealing with the demands of staff, customers, suppliers. It never ends. It’s stressful. More stressful than you could ever have imagined. [...]

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