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About Bronwen

Hi! My name is Bronwen and I’m a recovering perfectionist. I spent over 17 years as a high powered, award winning executive in an industry that crushed my soul before I experienced a life changing event that forced me to stop and ask the question ‘What if there’s a better way to live?’ Answering this question took me on a journey of discovery that gave me the knowledge and wisdom to develop the Keep It Super Simple  Principles and step away from a traditional life.

I am passionate about showing people there is a very different way of living life – driven by the power of lifting consciousness, waking people up and increasing self-awareness world-wide. I believe in the positive impact that communities can have globally, and that the best is yet to come! I am living proof that aligning your life with your value system is critical to decreasing stress, building resilience and embracing change.

I learned my lessons at a young age. After almost two decades working in an industry that clashed violently with my personal values, and running myself ragged by chasing after everyone else’s dreams, I stepped away from the expectations of others and created a life system that ensures my success in every aspect of my life.

Working with people globally through corporate programs, conference platforms, retreats, professional mentoring and in the online environment, I share my secrets to success and inspire individuals to simplify their lives and embrace the concept of an economy of enough.

Why sheIQ Life?

I am constantly told by others how strong and courageous I am in the way I live my life. I always respond to this by saying ‘I can absolutely be those things when I need to… but I hardly ever need to now because I am smart with how I live my life’.

When I was looking for a company name, a very good friend of mine showed me that when you put ‘she’ with ‘IQ’ and then add ‘Life’ on the end you get ‘she’ is ‘smart’ with ‘life’. Hence sheIQ Life was born.

Today, every aspect of sheIQ Life is focused on assisting people globally to reconnect with themselves and with their community to establish simple, yet highly effective systems that build success and happiness in every quarter of life.

Our Purpose is to Empower Simple Connection

Sharing my Keep It Super Simple’ Principles, I work globally to reconnect individuals and organisations with community, and to re-personalise our lives, lift consciousness, wake people up and increase self-awareness.

Through corporate programs, conference platforms, retreats, professional mentoring and in the online environment, I work with individuals, communities and organisations to show people there is a very different way to live.

Our current way of life is full of stress and is fuelling sickness, depression and exhaustion. My programs provide a platform to assist in identifying the things that complicate our lives and enable a pathway to finding simple, smart ways to live our lives differently.

At the heart of our current lifestyle is the fact that there is no formal definition of success – yet we are driven to achieve it; be it; obtain it; own it. If we don’t know what it is, then how can we ever reach it?

Our lives have become complicated and complex in our desperate scramble to achieve. We start to live in a world where we always need more. Our desperate need for more triggers our brains to believe there is not enough. If there is not enough then that means we are in competition for everyone else for the limited amount that is available. Therefore, life becomes about ‘me against everyone else’.

We can never win whilst our lives are set up in this fashion. There is always a loser in this scenario and we’re left with our heads constantly spinning trying to find our way out.

I work with my clients to reverse the trend. Participants in the sheIQ Life programs, retreats and workshops receive practical, simple tools for use in every day situations that assist them to simplify their lives and bring back the fun, laughter and imagination – all whilst increasing productivity and efficiency. I am living proof that changing the focus to simplicity is the thing that drives our life forward and truly connects us to happiness.

Who Does sheIQ Life engage with?

From very early on in my career I have worked with a number of highly skilled individuals who have added significantly to my growth and development as an individual, and as a business woman.

I am the person I am today because I have consciously sought opportunities to work with people who have exceptional skills, wisdom and knowledge. I have surrounded myself with like-minded people who have been prepared to challenge old thought patterns and forge pathways where others have not been prepared to go.

Each of these people have inspired me in their own way and have enriched my life through their generosity, energy, outlook and thought processes.

I am always seeking to find new and innovative ways to think and create, and I find myself constantly learning, growing and developing, as well as passing on my knowledge and wisdom to those who work with me.

My journey brings me in contact with lots of soul-based businesses with similar values, innovative thinking and products and services that align with my values.

Part of being true to who I am means that I choose to work with those individuals and organisations whose values match my own. This means that I work with people and organisations who value honesty, love, inspiration, simplicity and community.

Below you will find some of my closest and favourite people to partner with:

cath-sutherland | Bronwen Sciortino | sheIQlife | Simplicity Expert | Stress Reduction Resilience Mindfulness | Professional Speaker

Cath Sutherland is a Director and Founder of Conscious Business – a Perth based business consultancy.

I first met Cath in a social capacity somewhere around 2008. I was quickly drawn to Cath’s love of energy work and fell in love with her leading edge business model – Creating Brand Energy – which takes businesses through a process of connecting with their Purpose, Values, Personality, Product and Global Vision – all the while showing you how to build ‘Brand Energy’ that is authentic and attracts relationships that are reciprocal, meaningful and connected to your Purpose.

I made good use of this model to ensure that sheIQ Life was totally aligned to my values and that its energy was completely fueled with the power of purpose and authenticity.

Cath and I share a love of yoga and Mahat Meditation and I am proud to be able to call her my friend.

Want to learn more about Cath and her fabulous business?

Here’s some links to investigate further:



About Cath Sutherland

Social media:

Instagram (@consciousbusinessinsta)

Dale Simmonds 2 | Bronwen Sciortino | sheIQlife | Simplicity Expert | Stress Reduction Resilience Mindfulness | Professional Speaker

Dale is a highly talented designer and illustrator. I met him during my corporate career when he created designs and campaigns for a number of projects I was involved in.

Having worked with Dale previously, he was my first port of call for design and illustrations for ‘Keep It Super Simple’ and for the design of sheIQ Life’s brand. Dale’s work brought black words typed on a white page to life and gave ‘Keep It Super Simple’ its own identity. His illustrations are often commented on and give individuals an immediate connection with my work.

Dale’s work is intuitive and creative, and his love of the work clearly shines through in everything he does.

Want to see more of Dale’s work?

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Social media:

Jo Casey 2 | Bronwen Sciortino | sheIQlife | Simplicity Expert | Stress Reduction Resilience Mindfulness | Professional Speaker

Jo is a Director and Founder of The Right Mix – a marketing consultancy that focuses on engaging and connecting with customers to ensure business growth in industries where trust, loyalty and relationships directly impact the customer’s perception of the value your services provide.

I first met Jo through a group I facilitate and quickly recognised that we have shared values of love, honesty, fun and generosity.

Jo has worked with sheIQ Life to develop a holistic marketing plan that focuses on building profile and includes sharing my insights and tips to ‘Keep It Super Simple’ via media and social channels and helping me build relationships with groups, associations, businesses and event organisers as a professional speaker and workshop facilitator.

Want more information about Jo and her work?

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About Joanne Casey

Social media:
Instagram (@mcboey)

kelsey-image | Bronwen Sciortino | sheIQlife | Simplicity Expert | Stress Reduction Resilience Mindfulness | Professional Speaker

Kelsey Allen is a Director of Media Highway – a one-stop shop for graphic design, marketing and website development and maintenance.

I met Kelsey through my corporate career where she created, developed and maintained lots of projects for companies that I worked for.

Kelsey and I developed a strong friendship and I love working with her – our conversations are always full of laughter and are lots of fun – the result being great energy that is fed into our creations.

Want more information about Kelsey and her work?

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www.mediahighway.com.au – under construction

Social media:

Lacey 2 | Bronwen Sciortino | sheIQlife | Simplicity Expert | Stress Reduction Resilience Mindfulness | Professional Speaker

Lacey is a Director and Founder of Money School – an organisation that aims to provide education about money to every adult and child in the world so that they feel empowered because they have the knowledge and skills to become financially independent.

I first met Lacey in the virtual world of a Facebook group before meeting her in person at a networking event. Lacey and I connected immediately because of our shared values around educating everyone in the knowledge of simple money solutions that can set up your future.

During my corporate career I came across a lot of people – women in particular – who were completely overwhelmed by money and the impact of not understanding it. Increasingly, I became aware of the need for a simple solution to be provided to people – one that could help them understand money and reduce the sense of overwhelm attached to it.

Lacey and her mother (and Money School Co-Founder) Fran have created a business that provides this solution. I’ve had a peek at some of their online programs and can say that their dedication to educating people in a way that is simple, easy to understand and easy to implement is really refreshing.

Want to know more about Lacey and Money School?

Here’s a few links to investigate further – don’t forget to check out the link to their online program – it’s a great way to move from overwhelm into simplicity around your money!

About Lacey Filipich & Fran White

Social media:
Twitter (@moneyschool)

mary_dwyer 2 | Bronwen Sciortino | sheIQlife | Simplicity Expert | Stress Reduction Resilience Mindfulness | Professional Speaker

Mary Dwyer is the Founding Director and Principal Facilitator at Impact Solutions International – a not-only-for-profit organisation who provides large scale values-based organisational development programs, large scale values-based leadership programs, high performance team development, intensive and exclusive one-on-one Executive Leadership Coaching and Development and Conflict Transformational programs.

Mary was my very first mentor when I was in my early twenties and I have worked with Mary on a number of different occasions throughout my corporate career.

Mary was the first professional female influence in my life. She taught me how to thrive without the need to try and join the ‘boys club’, and how to develop and maintain femininity in the corporate world. She taught me how to love whilst standing strong in a male-dominated environment.

I changed direction when I met Mary. Her generosity in sharing her wisdom and knowledge and her ability to show you how to push and challenge your boundaries is unique. You gain peace simply by being in her presence. I am honoured to call Mary my friend.

Want more information about Mary and her work?

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About Mary Dwyer

Social media:

Version 4 a | Bronwen Sciortino | sheIQlife | Simplicity Expert | Stress Reduction Resilience Mindfulness | Professional Speaker

Melaney Ryan is a Director and Founder of the Australian Stillpoint Institute – an organisation that works globally to provide empowering training programs and high-quality wellness and self-realisation services in the fields of energy medicine, holistic health and high consciousness.

Melaney is one of the most incredible and generous spiritual leaders I have known and has dedicated her life to the service of helping others heal themselves through what she is able to see, feel, sense and know. I was introduced to Melaney by Cath Sutherland in 2014.

Melaney has been one of my greatest teachers. Whilst it was I who did the work, I give a lot of credit for the acceleration of my recovery to her generosity and wisdom and have gained an ability to view situations from many more angles.

I am expanded, I am whole and I am lighter from being her student.

Melaney introduced me to the world of Mahat Meditation and I continue to grow and develop my inner wisdom and knowledge through the tutelage of her Institute and my association with like-minded individuals.

I am honoured to walk my path with Melaney as a friend, mentor and guide.

I wholeheartedly advocate Melaney’s work and the Mahat Meditation program.

Want to know more about Melaney and the Australian Stillpoint Institute?

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About Melaney Ryan

Social media:
Instagram (@mahatmeditation)

Paisley Madison | Bronwen Sciortino | sheIQlife | Simplicity Expert | Stress Reduction Resilience Mindfulness | Professional Speaker

Paisley Madison is the Founder of Perth Socialight – providing a freelance social media consultancy to create, develop and implement social media strategy for individuals and groups in a range of different companies and across industries such as HR, IT, Health Care, Hospitality and more.

I met Paisley through the Mahat Meditation courses and we soon discovered that we are old souls who have journeyed together before.

Beautiful, weird and wonderful things happen when Paisley and I combine our energy – and together we’re journeying this life challenging boundaries and working to live life in a different way.

Want to know more about Paisley and her special brand of magic?

Here’s a few links to investigate further:

Social media:
Instagram (@paisleymadison)

SheiqLife Logo | Bronwen Sciortino | sheIQlife | Simplicity Expert | Stress Reduction Resilience Mindfulness | Professional Speaker