First published on Huffington Post – 14 March 2016

Where do you begin when you’re surrounded by the most beautiful people and you feel that there is something inside you that is inherently wrong and you bring down the energy in the room simply by being there?

How does it feel when you walk into a place and you are immediately in tears because you don’t feel like you are worthy to be there?

It feels dark. It feels dirty. It feels like shame.

Dark. Dirty. Shame.

They’re just words. Their power comes from the emotion that we give to them.

What happens when we deliberately set out to apply a different meaning and a different emotion to the same words?

What happens when dark, dirty and shame move from being bad things to being good things? What if we can turn ‘dark’ into nothing more than an adjective that we use before other words – a ‘dark colour’ or a ‘dark sky’.

When we take the emotion out of our words, we can view any situation from more than one position. We give ourselves the space to walk around a problem and see it from many sides instead of only being able to see it in one way.

Imagine being able to see things from many different perspectives. We no longer have to reach outside ourselves for our answers but rather can look inside ourselves, knowing without a doubt that we have the answers we need.

When did we learn to seek answers from others about things they don’t have themselves? People cannot give what they don’t have themselves.

Emotion keeps us small in our lives and imposes boundaries on us that can be very hard to break through. We move to a position of overwhelm and our relationship with ourselves and others is negatively affected.

Opening our thinking gives us the space to let the light into our thoughts. With light comes lightness of spirit and with lightness of spirit it’s much easier to live life in a simple way. Simplicity is the pathway to happiness and the best kept secret is that it is really easy to get to.

Start asking yourself the answers to your questions FIRST. Initially, you might be surprised at the depth of your knowledge and how quickly the answers come but in no time at all you’ll be comfortable that everything you seek to know is already within you.

We are all more than enough. We’re the only ones that don’t already know it to be the case.

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