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Keep It Super Simple – eBook

$12.50 (inc GST)

Overcoming Overwhelm

A brilliant guide to reducing stress and increasing resilience, ‘Keep It Super Simple’ is the book you didn’t know you needed!

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Product Description

Creating A Simpler Life By Reducing Stress And Increasing Resilience

Keep It Super Simple – Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist

When it comes to creating a simpler life there’s many things that can impact us.  This highly engaging book by award-winning business woman and author, Bronwen Sciortino, offers a brilliantly simple approach to reducing stress and increasing resilience, which leads to living a life with significantly less overwhelm.

Described as ‘chocolate for the soul’ … the e-version of ‘Keep It Super Simple’:

  • shows you how to live life differently, every day because in a world where we lead lives filled with stress and exhaustion is robbing us from a fulfilled, healthy and happier life;
  • shows you how to find the best ways to recharge YOUR energy so you can stop being exhausted all the time;
  • shows you the importance of creating your values, how to align your life to them & live every day being true to you so you can bring your life into flow, bringing an ease and effortlessness you’ll absolutely love;
  • shows you how to minimise the impact of FOMO & YOLO on your life which means you consciously choose the things you love doing rather than spending your life doing the things others tell you that you should be doing;
  • provides you with simple steps to help make sure you’re doing the things that are aligned with who you are, replacing the time and energy you have been putting into trying to be someone or something else with more rewarding ways of living and being;
  • shows you how to step away from stress & live a life that is calm & full of energy;
  • teaches you how you can easily implement simple steps that empower you in YOUR life leading to greater confidence and self integrity;
  • gives you confidence that there IS light at the end of the tunnel and that you are not stuck living a life someone else has given you;
  • shows you how to be yourself whilst limiting the impact of shame, guilt & recriminations from others;
  • shows you how to understand YOUR path to success so you can boldly step into the thick of YOUR life;
  • neatly fits in your bag so you can easily take it with you everywhere you go, which means it’ll be there as a support anytime you need it;
  • the content comes in a workbook style, offering space for journaling and recording ‘Ah-ha’ moments in every chapter which deepens your understanding and ability to implement the new learning into your life;
  • you can build on your thoughts, comments & feelings – almost like a diary which means you’ll never lose the important nuggets that will help you to move forward in your life;

use it as a reference in every day situations – a reflection tool that teaches you to make your own choices and guide your life as you learn to find your path forward

Height – 211mm x Width – 147mm
14 Chapters, 122 pages
65 practical activities, exercises and/or simple steps to help you think and live differently

Read the first chapter here