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Stress Release – Manage Your Life, Reduce Stress, Be Happy

$11.00 (inc GST)

  • We often have to choose between something for ourselves and giving to others.

  • Purchase a subliminal mastery series audio file from the sheIQ Life website and you no longer have to choose – your purchase will give you access to leadership development whilst contributing to education services for children in need. It’s a win-win!

  • sheIQ Life has partnered with Impact Solutions International to raise funds for the School of St Judes in Tanzania.

  • All revenue from the purchase of any of the subliminal master series audio files from the sheIQ Life website (minus transactions costs and tax) are forwarded to the School of St Judes to assist in educating disadvantaged, bright students from the Arusha District to become moral and intellectual leaders in their country.

  • This stress-release audio file is designed to assist any person who:

    • Is experiencing feelings of stress,

    • Is trying to juggle the many demands of life – both personally and professionally

    • Wants to develop their mental and emotional capacity

    • Wants to manage stress more effectively and create a happy, joyful and balanced life

    • Wants to develop self-awareness so they can stop any negative patterns of thought.

  • Impact Solutions International specialize in all aspects or organization and leadership development

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Product Description

This Stress Management audio is specifically designed to assist any person who is experiencing feelings of stress and who is trying to juggle the many demands of their life, whether that be in a personal or professional capacity. It will relieve nervous tension, anxiety and negative thinking. Through the use of subliminal affirmations, the narrative communicates to the conscious and unconscious minds. It helps to create individuals who are centred and positive with a foundation of happiness and acceptance to enhance their everyday lives.