Starting over might not be as hard as you might think

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Life is tense right now. The world was thrown into chaos – en masse and without warning. Life was ‘normal’ … and then in the blink of an eye we were thrown into this void of uncertainty. A big, black, bottomless hole suddenly appeared in front of us – daring us to challenge it. We’re all [...]

If you want to start over, lose control

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Uncertainty. It’s like a massive black void sitting right in front of us. It’s wide and gaping and terrifying. … What if we take a step in the wrong direction? … What will that mean? … How will it look? … What will people think? We’re so afraid to step out of line, to get things [...]

Want your life to be different? Here’s what you must be prepared to do

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Life. It’s messy, noisy and complex. It’s demanding, confusing and exhausting. It’s so easy to look around you and feel like you’re not keeping up – like everyone else is achieving and moving forwards and you’re stuck, sitting still or going round in circles. Sometimes, it feels like it might be easier to just give in [...]

10 Lessons from a previously burnt out woman

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Life can change in the blink of an eye. One minute, you’re enmeshed in everything you have going on, rushing from one responsibility to the next and barely remembering to breathe, because you have that much on your plate. In the next moment, everything is shattered, you’re broken and you can’t stop crying. I knew I [...]

Normal wasn’t working … here’s how we move forwards

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Did we ever really know what ‘normal’ life was? Every day was full of noise and chaos, and we sped through everything without taking most of it in. We became unconscious about our actions, reactions and the impact that we were making – on both people around us and our planet. It was hard to breathe, [...]

Simple ways to quickly move ‘Beyond Ah-ha’

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We all have hopes and dreams that we want to accomplish, but life often gets in the way. Over time we lose our focus and mediocrity sets in. One way to stop mediocrity is to quickly reflect on your reactions or the outcome of a situation. Was it what you wanted? If not, ask yourself, “what [...]

Have you lost something and can’t seem to move on?

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… how allowing grief to continue creates ongoing stress. Have you noticed the way that one conversation can plant a seed that leads you to great clarity? The way that the simplest sentence can suddenly open up a whole train of thought and allows you to see something you’ve been struggling with for so long in [...]

Is life really more stressful now, or do we just need to toughen up?

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What are the common myths about stress? Why do we allow it to run rampant in our lives and what can we easily do to minimise it's impact in our lives? Listen in to my interview with Eric Dye from EPN Radio as we discuss this and much more. Click here to listen now.

Do you know how your employees really feel about working for you?

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And are you brave enough to find out? With a lot of attention currently being applied to the health and wellness of organisations, it can be hard to know what problems you need to fix, and where you need to start. Like everything these days, there’s an overload of information that’s readily available at your fingertips [...]

Can we really simplify life and still have everything we want?

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Is life really more stressful now – or are we seeing a generation of people who are just less resilient coming into the business world? Whose responsibility is it to manage stress anyway? Listen in to my radio interview with EPN Radio to hear the answers to this and much more! Click here to listen now.

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