How much is doing things someone else’s way costing you?

 … here’s your pathway to your ‘OMG – is this really MY life?’ way of doing business.

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‘You have to do this …’

‘What you need is that …’

‘If you don’t do this then you’ll never get ahead …’

How many times have you caught yourself wondering ‘there must be another way …’

I’m sure there are lots of times when you’ve forgotten why you got into business for yourself, and ended up following other people’s instructions because you think everyone knows better – especially if any of these things resonate:

  • You feel like everyone else is more successful than you are.
  • You feel like you don’t have the ‘business brain’ you should have.
  • You find yourself saying things like ‘I’m just a ’.
  • There seems to be pressure from every corner of your life, and the constant pressure has slowly eroded away your self-esteem.
  • You feel like there’s a lot of judgement around what you do.
  • Everyone seems to have an opinion about what you should and shouldn’t be doing.
  • You’re exhausted and secretly terrified that you life will be like this forever.
  • You feel like your head is constantly spinning trying to find your golden nugget that will let you step away from the ‘rat race’.
  • You’re completely overwhelmed and have no idea where or how to start to live life differently.

Move past these thoughts and be inspired to do things YOUR way for YOUR business!

I get it.

When I first started in my business, I somehow forgot the two decades of experience I already had in growing and developing small businesses.

It was like my experience meant nothing, and I suddenly felt inept and very small.

There’s a reason you chose to start your own business – you saw a gap in the market and you knew that only you could fill it.

Relying on someone else to tell you why and how you should do that doesn’t make sense, and it’s probably a major reason that things aren’t quite working for you right now.

What’s the answer? How can you do things differently?

You need to get to the heart of YOUR business – understand what makes it tick and discover what’s important to YOU – and then make sure everything you do is aligned with it.

Based on the ‘Keep It Super Simple’ Principles, the sheIQ Life Coaching program provides you with access to knowledge, wisdom, tools and resources that will help you to unlock the heart of your business so you can do things YOUR way.

The whole process is designed to enable you to explore and develop practical, simple structures so that you can create a solid platform to spring board your business to the next level of development.

Before I began working with Bronwen, I was trying to make a number of changes in my life.  After working in a toxic culture, I’d started my own business and thought this would be the change I needed to live a better life and feel more fulfilled.   While I was certainly in a better place than I had been, I still felt there had to be something more to life.  I was feeling like there was so much I wasn’t doing, and I felt incredible pressure for this new business to be a ‘ success’ – but I had no idea what that success should look like.

Since I began working with Bronwen I have noticed such a change to my outlook and life in general.  From both a personal and business perspective, I am now able to clearly set a direction and make decisions that are aligned with my values and my true purpose.  I am now working with clients who are aligned with my values and my personal and business relationships have blossomed with a new authenticity.  Bronwen’s approach and manner springs from a place of kindness and love, making even the most challenging aspects of this work seem achievable, accessible and beautiful in its simplicity.  I would recommend anyone, looking to connect more deeply with themselves, their purpose and the world around them to work with Bronwen. – Joanne Casey – Founder, The Right Mix

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Discover what life’s like with a business that works your way!

I know what it’s like trying to run my business following other people’s directions.

It wasn’t until I trusted my instincts and did a few things a little bit differently that my business took on an effortless flow.

You know there’s an easier way of doing things – you ask yourself the question every day.

It’s time to do some things a little bit differently, and you don’t need to look any further for your first step. It’s right here.

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