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How Can I Help?

The old way of doings things will no longer give your leaders the edge they need to support your organisation and its goals into the future. If you want different results then you have to start doing things differently.

That starts with the growth and development training you provide to your leaders and all of your employees.

I am often engaged to work with organisations of all sizes globally through corporate and not-for-profit programs, conference platforms, retreats, professional mentoring sessions and in the online environment.

Stress, burnout and fatigue are issues facing almost every industry and every individual in today’s modern working world. I have twenty years of experience in business and have been helping people find their way through the maze of life for most of those years.

Bringing my own experience to the table and sharing my tips, tricks and secrets to a different way to live, I bring authenticity and simplicity to every step along the way.

Why Work With sheIQ Life?

sheIQ Life’s purpose is to empower simple connection.

I work with groups of all sizes globally to assist in bridging the gap between the organisation and its employees. I am passionate about showing people there is a very different way to live. I wholeheartedly believe in the positive impact that communities can have and that the best is yet to come.

The ‘Keep It Super Simple’ keynotes, workshops and corporate programs work best with organisations who:

Need leadership development training that is relevant to the issues faced by business in today’s environment;

Have grown significantly in the last couple of years and find it hard to provide training that is relevant to all employees, members or attendees;

Have a conscious capitalism outlook and know that giving your employees, members or attendees access to ideas, knowledge and wisdom gives them the freedom to think differently and your business an edge as a result;

Want to give their employees, members or attendees training programs that are tailored to the organisation but that have an impact at the individual level on the dynamic of their interactions with family, friends and colleagues;

Have employees, members or attendees who are struggling with the demands of stress and change;

Have contracted significantly in size in the last couple of years and have fewer employees, members or attendees who are required to be skilled in more areas;

Are seeing significant increases in stress and sick leave;

Want to assist their employees, members or attendees to combat exhaustion, stress and depression.

Whether you’re an organisation looking to help your employees and associates transition through stress and change, an association looking to provide valuable training and professional development to your members, a conference organiser looking for highly valuable, relevant and current content for your conference platform or a group of professionals looking to put together your own professional development program, I have a solution that will work for you.

I work with groups of all sizes:

  • to teach individuals to break long-term thinking patterns;
  • to expand creative thinking;
  • to increase confidence;
  • to increase self-esteem;
  • to provide simple tools that empower individuals within a team environment;
  • to increase resilience;
  • to create thought patterns that embrace change;
  • to teach participants to learn to ask questions;
  • to provide simple tools for use in everyday situations;
  • to provide interactive and thought-provoking activities.

A keynote presentation, corporate program or workshop with me will change the way your employees, members or attendees look at their life, and how they choose to live every day. They will leave armed with tools, tips and tricks that can be easily implemented in everyday life and that will inspire them to reverse the current trends of stress, depression and exhaustion. They’ll learn how easily they can simplify their lives and bring back the fun, laughter and imagination that has been missing for too long.

sheIQ Life also has workshop programs for young people of 15 – 18 years of age. If you are a youth-focused organisation or want solutions for the next generation of your members or attendees, contact me for more information.

How Can You Access the sheIQ Life Programs for Your Employees, Members or Attendees?

Let’s have a conversation!

We all like to communicate differently so I’ve set up a number of ways that you can contact me – simply choose whichever method of contact best suits you.

  • Use the ‘Contact Us’ form to send me your query through the website. Simply click here and it will take you straight to the form.
  • Send me an email to and let me know what your thoughts are with regards to training, format, requirements, timing and any other information you think I need to know.
  • Prefer to chat in person? Give me a call on +61 438 624 868 and we can have a chat about which program and format best works for you.

Grab a copy of Keep It Super Simple from the shop on the website – it’s full of tips and tricks to get you started on your journey and gives you an idea about the types of content and activities I include in my keynotes and workshops. Packages for keynotes and workshops can be tailored to include a copy of Keep It Super Simple for each attendee.

You can also access free materials, articles and audio files by clicking here.

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Speaking Topics

Here’s some of the workshop and keynote topics that have been popular to date. Of course, all presentations, corporate programs and workshops can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of your organisation, so I’m more than happy to create something specifically to meet your needs.

Keep It Super Simple

  • Breaking the ‘busy’ rules
  • Comfort zones and why they aren’t on our side
  • No! A complete sentence This topic has been really popular for a keynote presentation. Our current way of living is fast-paced and short on time – this topic is attractive because a lot of people want more quality time in their lives. I am often approached after presenting this keynote by people wanting to hold a workshop on this topic for their organisation.People often tell me that they experienced significant ‘ah-ha’ moments whilst listening to this presentation and that they are leaving with a plan of where to start to implementing simple steps to make changes in their lives.As a workshop this is great because the interactive and thought-provoking activities really get people thinking differently, and enable them to apply simple steps to different areas of their lives after the workshop.

Change and it’s impact in the workplace

  • Social conditioning and our drive to success
  • I AM – the power of our words
  • Fear – how it changes our perception
  • The power of questionsChange is the one thing we can guarantee we will have in our lives. Change is easy when we know how to implement simple, easy steps. Attendees often tell me how strongly they connect to the information in this session, and for this reason it is one of my favourite topics to speak on.If you have employees, members or attendees who are struggling to cope with change, or there are high rates of stress and absenteeism in your organisation then this is a great topic to help people act, react, think and behave differently.

Work Life Balance

  • Current trends in stress and exhaustion
  • Thought patterns and how we can change them
  • Applying simple tips and tricks to create a different pathWork/Life balance has been a ‘nice-to-have’ goal for decades and yet year on year the statistics relating to stress and stress related illness keep rising.
    With the high levels of stress and exhaustion and the sheer speed of our lives today, achieving and maintaining work/life balance is more important than ever, yet it also seems more out of reach than ever.This session discusses the different ways in which work/life balance can be approached and provides simple and easily applicable tips and tricks for creating a work/life blend that supports each individual in their own lives.Every employer, organisation and association needs to provide their employees, members and attendees with access to this session.

Great Leaders are the best at Keeping It Super Simple!

  • Leadership – culture and its impact
  • Leadership – what makes or breaks your team
  • Leadership – destruction versus freedom
  • Setbacks – how they can improve your resultsThere is lots of available information on leadership development, including books, courses and theory – but very few of them are interactive and thought-provoking and very few of them actually empower the leaders to integrate simple connection into their teams upon return to the work environment.If you want your leaders to nurture and inspire their team, you must encourage them to be themselves. To be themselves, they need to know who they are. Once they know who they are, they need to know how they can incorporate that into their workplace and pass on their knowledge to their teams.To be a great leader – your leaders need to learn to Keep It Super Simple’. Ultimately, your best leaders will be those who are best at Keeping It Super Simple.

Most organisations and associations grapple with external and internal pressures on a daily basis. Their products and services need to get out into the market place regularly and consistently for revenue to come in the door, but in today’s busy corporate culture there is almost always a human capital cost that goes with this.

More and more often we’re seeing that the bigger the organisation grows, the harder it is to stay in touch with the impact on the human capital. This issue is also prevalent in situations where large organisations have had to contract to survive.

The results of this can be seen in the significant increase in stress levels, in the increase in the amount of sick leave being taken by employees and in an inability to move flexibly with the changing requirements of the organisation.

You need your leaders to be the best of the best to achieve your organisation’s goals, but current conditions and age-old ways of doing things simply don’t cut it any more. You need your leaders to act, react, think and behave differently but until now you’ve only been able to provide them with the status quo training and thinking.