The secret to getting ahead is in learning to break the ‘rules’

… every single one of them!

FOMO!… Exhaustion… Struggle… Overwhelm… Stress…
and the list goes on!

Let’s face it – most of us live our lives with one or more of these feelings appearing with constantly through the day.

You think you’re living the way you’re supposed to – the way that you’ve been taught is acceptable and appropriate – that if you can just push through then everything will eventually be all right.

You force every aspect of your life to bend to your will – and often you expect others around you to comply with life’s ‘rules’ as well.

Living like this will guarantee you a stressed, complex life that leads down a path to illness, depression and exhaustion. And if you’re a leader, then you’re paving the way for others to follow you.

You know that your life isn’t working for you – but there’s a foreboding sense that you’ve come too far to turn back now. It feels like you’re stuck with your life – and let’s face it, there are always people who are worse off than you are – so you should be grateful for all that you have.


But it’s not working!

Don’t worry – there’s a way forward that doesn’t involve much more than learning to think a little bit differently.

Life wasn’t made for just surviving … you were given life so that you could thrive.

The question isn’t whether you are good enough.

The question is whether or not you dare to be as magnificent as you can be!

The Economy of Enough is a powerful, informative and memorable health and wellbeing/self-help book that compelled me to read as well as inform me from beginning to end thanks to the books insightful and useful knowledge. The Economy of Enough is a book I was happy to discover because in the description of the book many topics are explored that would apply to my life as well as many people I know and people in general – Aimee Ann – Book Blogger, Red Headed Book Lover Blog.

Bronwen Sciortino identifies many ways readers deny themselves happiness and inner freedom, convinced that their happiness depends on someone or on something. In ‘The Economy of Enough’, readers will learn the indisputable truth that they have the power to transform their own lives and fill it with meaning and happiness – Ruffina Oserio – Book Reviewer, Readers Favourite

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‘Keep It Super Simple’ can save so many of us

“Keep it Super Simple” can save so many of us from going into a complete collapse before we find our true ground. Think about it: how far are you prepared to push until life will have to force you to stop and notice YOU? How many intricate constructs of reasons to continue to resist yourself you are prepared to build before your life is so complex that you will have to wipe it completely clean and start all over?

Anna Andrich

Read it! It’s practical. It’s relevant. It’s simple.

“Keep it Super Simple” is more than a book that will throw in another chunk of information. All though out the book you will find effective practices and suggestions how to integrate simplicity, clarity and grounding into your life; how to make sense of who you are and where you are heading; how to find your own strength and purpose; how to find yourself in piles of expectations of others. It’s practical. It’s relevant. It’s simple. Read it – the only things you’ll have to lose are complexity, confusion and stress over your life.

Anna Komarova

So many insights!

I am loving your book. So many insights are coming out of the book by doing those exercises. Thank you x

Krystal Sagona

Do Something Before It’s Too Late

“Don’t wait till its too late”  Lets do something about taking back our lives from the stresses of work.

Bronwen gave good insight into why we need to continue to review our lives, what’s important and what we can do about change – its not that scary.

Thank you Bronwen – it was a great event.

Janine Chapman - Committee Member

My Courage & Self-Belief Developed After Reading this Book

Tonight I sang in public in front of my work mates who I spend 2/3 of my life with as a FIFO! My courage and self belief developed in myself after reading and learning to understand myself from the most amazing book published! Thank you Bron


Sian Tiltman

I loved your book!

Thank you. I loved your book! Your ability to transcend time and shift seamlessly in your writing between the past, present and future is outstanding. My favourite quote follows:

“Once you see things differently it opens up a world of possibilities. A world of possibilities means you can quit the struggle, and quitting the struggle makes it so much easier to move forward.”

This is one of many gems that you have provided me through your writing. I welcome sharing some of the new and positive experiences that I am sure will eventuate from your wonderful writing.

Tim Anderson - Program Manager
Nova Systems

I can now clearly set a direction and easily make decisions

Before I began working with Bronwen, I was trying to make a number of changes in my life.  After working in a toxic culture, I’d started my own business and thought this would be the change I needed to live a better life and feel more fulfilled.   While I was certainly in a better place than I had been, I still felt there had to be something more to life.  I was feeling like there was so much I wasn’t doing, and I felt incredible pressure for this new business to be a ‘ success’ – but I had no idea what that success should look like.

Since I began working with Bronwen I have noticed such a change to my outlook and life in general.  From both a personal and business perspective, I am now able to clearly set a direction and make decisions that are aligned with my values and my true purpose.  I am now working with clients who are aligned with my values and my personal and business relationships have blossomed with a new authenticity.  Bronwen’s approach and manner springs from a place of kindness and love, making even the most challenging aspects of this work seem achievable, accessible and beautiful in its simplicity.  I would recommend anyone, looking to connect more deeply with themselves, their purpose and the world around them to work with Bronwen.

Joanne Casey - Founder
The Right Mix

Kez Wickham St George

Last night I received this book, its words really powerful, could not put it down. Very aware that it has taken me 30+ years to learn and put this very book into action. Today I met another who needed to read what this Author had written, so passed it on. Feels good when you can help empower another. Thank you Bronwen Sciortino.

Kez Wickham St George

A share from the soul

A Practical Guide to Reconnecting to the Real Self.

Bronwen Sciortino’s first book ‘Keep It Super Simple’ is as much a share from the soul as it is a practical guide to reconnecting to the real self. Her writing style enabled me to easily relate to my own life experiences, giving me powerful tools to help find my way ‘home’. I would recommend this book to any ‘recovering perfectionist’ – indeed I would recommend it to anyone ready to live life with ease and joy.

Anita Fredericks - Founder
Anita Fredericks Holistic Coaching

What a lot of courage!

I am nearly finished your book! Oh Boy, Oh Boy! What a lot of courage it must of taken to put your heart on your sleeve and tell it how it was! I’m getting a few lessons myself – because I, like you, feel that my body is telling me it’s time for change!

Carol Rees - Founder
CAJ Hair & Beauty

Highly Recommended

What if They’re Wrong? What an interesting question; one that had crossed my mind before but not one that I had really considered or diligently applied to my life. This has changed after attending Bronwen Sciortino’s powerful presentation. Her strong story of the rise and rise to corporate success, the cost of that journey for her and then a spiritual awakening was completely engaging. More importantly as Bronwen helped us understand her story the power of her questioning saw her transform her life and of course made me reflect and question my own. I highly recommend attending any of her presentations or workshops and I look forward to finishing her book.


Mary Dwyer - Managing Director
Impact Solutions International

So Impressed with The Economy of Enough!

So impressed with The Economy of Enough. Exp pages 56 to 59 which really resonated with me. I’ve been a workaholic most of my adult life,and like Bronwen crashed with an illness. It was a long road back of learning to love me, for without knowing who I was, I was lost. Recovery was a long road. IF this amazing book had been around then perhaps my healing would not have taken so long. I applaud Bronwen for her honesty in sharing her story. 
Kez Wickham St George - International Author & Poet

Your Books are Amazing!

Your books are amazing and the way you talk about life and the roller coaster that it is, makes it not seem so bad.

Sabrina Earle-Sadler

Loving ‘Keep It Super Simple’

Have to say – I’m loving your book – especially the sections that allow the readers to look back on their life to see what changes they can make for themselves. It’s definitely worth the read and it’s written so well that I am able to read it and not get bored – which says something as I don’t like reading very many books!

Sabrina Earle-Sadler

Free Yourself from the Stress of Perfectionism

Keep It Super Simple will help you free yourself from the stress of perfectionism. If you are the type of person that is constantly putting yourself down for not achieving the impossible, but never praising yourself for any achievement, then you need to read ‘Keep It Super Simple’.

Lesley Jones - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

Keep It Super Simple is Absolutely Jam Packed with Insight

This [book] is absolutely jam packed with insight into why you always put your own needs at the bottom of your daily-to-do-list. The questions at the end of each chapter gave me a powerful insight into the reasons I do this – but more importantly, how to change.

Lesley Jones - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

This Book Could Have Been Written for Me!

‘Keep It Super Simple’ could have been written for me because it was that insightful – I would highly recommend it to anyone that is the rescuer to everyone apart from themselves.

Lesley Jones - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

Discover How Easily & Quickly You Can Make a Shift

Do you feel that your life’s direction is not going in the way that you want, but you feel powerless to make the necessary changes?  Using the simple techniques in The Economy of Enough, you will discover how easily and quickly you can make the shift in the way you see your life and yourself.

Lesley Jones - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

Discover How You Can Escape Feelings of Low-Self-Worth & Negative Self-Talk

Discover how you can escape feelings of low self-worth and negative self-talk. If you are trying to live up to society’s expectations, and always feel others are doing so much better than you, then this book will propel your life in the direction that is perfect for you. Begin to live a life that brings you, not others, a great sense of fulfillment. Learn how to embrace life changes and not fear them.

Lesley Jones - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

This Book Did Not Disappoint

I had already read Bronwen’s previous book on perfectionism, and so my expectations were high and this book did not disappoint. Using her personal experiences, she seems to know exactly what I am thinking and feeling. There were so many ‘aha’ moments throughout The Economy of Enough and the steps at the end of each chapter are so easy to implement.

Lesley Jones - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

This Book Will Help you Understand What Makes You Tick

The Economy of Enough will help anyone understand what makes them tick, why they make decisions they do, and help them discover what they want out of life. If you feel lost and in a rut, then I would highly recommend this book.

Lesley Jones - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

This is Far More Than a Motivational Book

This is far more than a motivational book, because of the question section in each chapter.  I felt this could be used as a journal also to inspire the reader to make the necessary changes in their lives. The Nuffdoms really helped me ask myself the right questions, and give me a clear direction. I also thought the analogy of the jigsaw puzzle pieces in a box, really described my life.

Lesley Jones - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

For Those Who Are Ready to Take Back Their Power

Follow the author as she shares her story while giving you guidance to navigate some of life’s most difficult issues: fear, overwhelming feelings, following someone else’s life path, and more. If you are feeling unhappy & dissatisfied in your daily actions & goals, then it is time to make some changes.

Alyssa Elmore - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

Do You Feel Overwhelmed & Exhausted All The Time?

Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted all the time? Do fear and anxiety keep you awake most nights? Discover a life of peace and joy through learning to love yourself in the outstanding self-help book, The Economy of Enough: Unlocking The Secret To Happily Ever.

Alyssa Elmore - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

Go on a Journey of Self-Discovery

Let the author take you on a journey of self-discovery by teaching you how to release others’ expectations, recreate your world, and become more mindful in your day-to-day tasks. Complete with simple exercises at the end of every chapter intended to support you as you uncover your authentic self. Free yourself and embrace the real you!

Alyssa Elmore - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

The Contents of This Book Are Brilliant

The Economy of Enough is a beautiful blend of encouragement and support, while gently leading the reader through darkness and pain into a path of light and hope. The title had me interested, but the contents of this book are brilliant.

Alyssa Elmore - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

This Book Turns Much of What You’ve Read Upside Down

I am not a stranger to mindfulness techniques, yoga, and working on finding our authentic selves. I was pleasantly surprised when this book turned much of what I have read upside-down. I recommend this book to those that are ready to take back their power and start living their most authentic life.

Alyssa Elmore - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

Powerful Book That Offers Readers The Tools They Need

The Economy of Enough: Unlocking the Secret to Happily Ever After by Bronwen Sciortino is a powerful book that offers readers the tools they need to trump self-sabotaging thoughts, rise from the rubble of self-pity, and embrace the path of genuine happiness.

Ruffina Oserio - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

Learn the Indisputable Truth

The author identifies many ways readers deny themselves happiness and inner freedom, convinced that their happiness depends on someone or on something. In ‘The Economy of Enough’, readers will learn the indisputable truth that they have the power to transform their own lives and fill it with meaning and happiness.

Ruffina Oserio - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

Pyschological Principles Combined with New Age Spirituality

Bronwen Sciortino combines psychological principles with thoughts on New Age spirituality to create a road map to happiness for people who are negatively driven. ‘The Economy of Enough’ has actionable steps to follow and the author does an impeccable job in exploring the roadblocks to a life of happiness, laying bare the causes of the frustrations readers experience in their lives, and offering them the key to unlock the floodgates of joy, peace and happiness.

Ruffina Oserio - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

A Powerful Message of Hope

The Economy of Enough: Unlocking the Secret to Happily Ever After offers a powerful message of hope – true happiness is possible and it is available to you. The prose is simple and compelling and the voice is filled with confidence.

Ruffina Oserio - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

Like Having a Good Conversation with a Trusted Friend

The relaxed conversational style of writing will make you feel as if you’re having a good conversation with a trusted friend. There is a lot of wisdom and insight in this book. it just reminded me of what I am meant to be, a person who can choose and take control of her life. It’s a gift to pass on.

Ruffina Oserio - Reviewer
Readers Favourite

Exceptional Feedback

Bronwen’s lived experiences and professional career qualifies her well to speak and engage others on the subject of wellness.

Exceptional feedback was received from the participants of our Wellness at Work workshop that Bronwen wrote and facilitated, accompanied by a workbook to keep people on track

Lisa Smith - Business Development Manager - Corporate & Professional Development
Edith Cowan University

Powerful, informative and memorable – 5-Stars

The Economy of Enough is a powerful, informative and memorable health and wellbeing/self-help book that compelled me to read as well as inform me from beginning to end thanks to the books insightful and useful knowledge. The Economy of Enough is a book I was happy to discover because in the description of the book many topics are explored that would apply to my life as well as many people I know and people in general.

Aimee Anne - Book Blogger
Red Headed Book Lover Blog

I had to share this book with everyone immediately

When I finished The Economy of Enough, I knew instantly that I had to share it with everybody I know as well as you lovely readers because it is an essential read that has a real ability to help everybody no matter your circumstances or current mental state.

Aimee Ann
Red Headed Book Lover Blog

An incredible book written by an amazing woman

The Economy of Enough is an incredible self-help book written by an amazing woman. Throughout the book the reader will be taken on a journey on how to improve their mental health and how to be happier, and will be useful for those that want to feel fulfilled in their life, be happy, and stop doubting themselves.

Vast amounts of knowledge and never once ‘preachy’

From the start, Bronwen Sciortino managed to captivate me and compel me to turn the pages of ‘The Economy of Enough’ with haste thanks to the intrigue, knowledge and incredible personality. Bronwen is also a passionate writer who is clearly dedicated to helping her readers and bettering peoples lives, and this will be evident to the reader from beginning to end.

Aimee Ann
Red Headed Book Lover Blog

You’ll be bookmarking pages and re-reading sections

Many memorable and informative moments are laced throughout ‘The Economy of Enough’, so much so that you will find yourself bookmarking certain pages and re-reading sections… this is exactly what I did!

Aimee Ann
Red Headed Book Lover Blog

Keep It Super Simple is the book I’ve been waiting for!

Keep it Super Simple: Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist is a book I have been waiting for. There is a time when you come across that one book, and you say to yourself “how have I not discovered this before?!” and that is precisely how I felt about Keep it Super Simple.

Aimee Ann
Red Headed Book Lover Blog

When I read the words ‘stress-free’ I was sold!

When I read the words stress-free, I was sold because let’s face it book lovers, the world today with the amount of pressure we all face can put a lot of pressure on us so I am admit that I was excited and keen to read Keep it Super Simple. Now that I have finished reading Keep it Super Simple I can honestly write that it is one of the most moving, informative self-help books that is laced with heart, inspiration, and determination.

Aimee Ann
Red Headed Book Lover Blog

A dream book …. because it works!

Keep it Super Simple is a dream book because it works! The premise of Keep it Super Simple is to help readers move forward in their lives, grow as a person and learn to live their life to the fullest without letting stress, negativity, and many more factors get you down. From the start, the exceptional Brownen Sciortino flawlessly takes her readers on a journey which starts the ultimate goal of living a fulfilled life in which stress no longer affects you.

Aimee Ann
Red Headed Book Lover Blog

The literature is flawless and flows beautifully from beginning to end

Not only is Bronwen a fantastic person for writing ‘Keep It Super Simple, but she is also incredible for her phenomenal literature and how breath-taking it is. The literature courtesy of Bronwen is flawless and will flow beautifully throughout from beginning to end.

Aimee Ann
Red Headed Book Lover Blog

Unlike anything I have read before

Keep it Super Simple is sensational and unlike anything I have read before. Bronwen throughout her book will share tips and tricks on how to self-love and improve particular aspects of your life. As I read Keep it Super Simple, I found myself being amazed by Bronwen’s book and think she is an incredible woman for deciding to investigate the topics and share it with her readers so they can live happier more fulfilling lives.

No choice but to award it 5-Stars

Overall Keep it Super Simple is an informative and poignant self-guide that can change your life and so I have no choice but to award this stellar read five stars as it is indeed one of the best self-help guides I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

Aimee Ann
Red Headed Book Lover Blog

Informative, Warm & Professional Style

Bronwen Sciortino is an accomplished speaker who is able to engage an audience with her informative, warm and professional presentation style. As the leader of a women’s business network, I engaged Bronwen as a speaker and was very impressed with her ability to clearly articulate her message, as well as develop a rapport which has extended beyond the event.

Bronwen gained the trust and respect of the group to a level that allowed her to effortlessly continue to build relationships with members, providing ongoing support and professional services where appropriate.

I would highly recommend Bronwen to any organisation that is seeking a professional speaker with an authentic message of positivity and possibility.

Veronica Smith - Director
EPICC Training Co

Everyone needs to hear Bronwen’s message about stress

We’re all familiar with stress, especially those who are high achievers. Bronwen powerfully weaves stories and science to give us a far more sobering view of stress and what we can do to make the simple, incremental changes that can transform our lives, our relationships, and our outcomes. She’s as inspiring as she is informative. Everyone needs to hear her message.

Ada'Pia d'Errico - Leadership Facilitator & Executive Mentor

Step beyond your rules and into a place of ‘what if?’

We all grow up with unchallenged beliefs simply because that’s they way it’s always been done. But ‘Beyond Ah-Ha’ takes you farther than your beliefs, farther than your rules, to step into a place of ‘what if?’.

Nancy Mueller - Empowerment Sensei

Beyond Ah-Ha is the perfect gift!

‘Beyond Ah-Ha’ makes an excellent gift for anyone who journals as a road to self-discovery. I love the feeling of the book – it has an immense energy to it.

Nancy Mueller - Empowerment Sensei

The perfect tool for anyone who loves to journal

‘Beyond Ah-Ha’ is an excellent tool for anyone beginning their journey into self-discovery as well as someone who’s been on the journey for any length of time.

7 Steps To Beat Stress Forever: Magical Insights to Move From Exhausted to Energised

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