FOMO!… Exhaustion… Struggle… Overwhelm… Stress…
and the list goes on!

Let’s face it – most of us live our lives with one or more of these feelings appearing with increasing regularity every day.

sheIQ Life and Bronwen Sciortino work globally to help people overcome the overwhelm that the way we live brings to our lives.

We live like this because we’ve been socially conditioned that our lives can’t be easy. We’re taught long standing, socially acceptable behaviours and that we have to work hard to get ahead. Essentially, although the words aren’t actually used, we’re taught that change should be feared more than death.

What happens when we’re more afraid of change than we are of death? We end up with complex, stressed lives that are leading us on a path to illness, depression and exhaustion. We think we’re living the way we’re supposed to – that if we can just push through then everything will eventually be all right.

Sound like you, or the organisation you work for
and/or own?

Don’t stress – there’s a way forward that doesn’t involve anything much more complex than thinking a little differently!

For most of us, there’s a desperate, secret struggle that goes on within. We’re desperately, secretly hoping that this isn’t all there is in life … and then we feel guilty for having the thought and we push it as far to the back of our minds as we possibly can. We’ve been taught to accept our lot in life because there are plenty of others who are worse off than we are – therefore we should be grateful.

We work hard to get ahead and we constantly compare ourselves to others around us and find our lives sadly lacking. We struggle to fit everything in. We’re time poor and we slog our way through every day so that we can have a ‘comfortable’ retirement.

We take on the world – but we often end up leaving ourselves behind. Our lives are so complex when simplicity will do. As children we’re taught what’s right, wrong, acceptable and unacceptable by our family, friends, schools, communities and the world at large.

What if They’re Wrong?

Inspiring individuals to live their lives by the mantra of ‘Keep It Super Simple’, I work globally to take people on a journey that challenges the status quo, raises consciousness and helps them to wake up to how different their life can be. Combining simplicity with wisdom (KISSdom), laughter and simple steps for changing your way forward, a key-note presentation, corporate program, workshop or professional mentoring session with me will change the way they look at their life and how they choose to live every day.

Accessing the ‘Keep It Super Simple’ Principles will leave you inspired to reverse the trend, simplify your life and bring back the fun, laughter and imagination that has been banished through our conditioning by others.

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Want to start by grabbing a copy of ‘Keep It Super Simple’ before diving in for a chat?

Head over to the website shop – it’s really easy to purchase. The book is full of tips and tricks to get you started on your journey. It includes a self-contained journal so you can record your musings, ‘ah-ha’ moments and thoughts as you work through it.

Most people who’ve read ‘Keep It Super Simple’ tell me that they love that it fits in their handbag and can go everywhere with them – they can record thoughts as they come to them and it’s on-hand when they need a reminder to stop and think or act differently. It’s their go-to starting point for their everyday problems!

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“Keep it Super Simple” can save so many of us from going into a complete collapse before we find our true ground. Think about it: how far are you prepared to push until life will have to force you to stop and notice YOU? How many intricate constructs of reasons to continue to resist yourself you are prepared to build before your life is so complex that you will have to wipe it completely clean and start all over?

Anna Andrich

“Keep it Super Simple” is more than a book that will throw in another chunk of information. All though out the book you will find effective practices and suggestions how to integrate simplicity, clarity and grounding into your life; how to make sense of who you are and where you are heading; how to find your own strength and purpose; how to find yourself in piles of expectations of others. It’s practical. It’s relevant. It’s simple. Read it – the only things you’ll have to lose are complexity, confusion and stress over your life.

Anna Komarova

I am loving your book. So many insights are coming out of the book by doing those exercises. Thank you x

Krystal Sagona

“Don’t wait till its too late”  Lets do something about taking back our lives from the stresses of work.

Bronwen gave good insight into why we need to continue to review our lives, what’s important and what we can do about change – its not that scary.

Thank you Bronwen – it was a great event.

Tonight I sang in public in front of my work mates who I spend 2/3 of my life with as a FIFO! My courage and self belief developed in myself after reading and learning to understand myself from the most amazing book published! Thank you Bron


Thank you. I loved your book! Your ability to transcend time and shift seamlessly in your writing between the past, present and future is outstanding. My favourite quote follows:

“Once you see things differently it opens up a world of possibilities. A world of possibilities means you can quit the struggle, and quitting the struggle makes it so much easier to move forward.”

This is one of many gems that you have provided me through your writing. I welcome sharing some of the new and positive experiences that I am sure will eventuate from your wonderful writing.

Before I began working with Bronwen, I was trying to make a number of changes in my life.  After working in a toxic culture, I’d started my own business and thought this would be the change I needed to live a better life and feel more fulfilled.   While I was certainly in a better place than I had been, I still felt there had to be something more to life.  I was feeling like there was so much I wasn’t doing, and I felt incredible pressure for this new business to be a ‘ success’ – but I had no idea what that success should look like.

Since I began working with Bronwen I have noticed such a change to my outlook and life in general.  From both a personal and business perspective, I am now able to clearly set a direction and make decisions that are aligned with my values and my true purpose.  I am now working with clients who are aligned with my values and my personal and business relationships have blossomed with a new authenticity.  Bronwen’s approach and manner springs from a place of kindness and love, making even the most challenging aspects of this work seem achievable, accessible and beautiful in its simplicity.  I would recommend anyone, looking to connect more deeply with themselves, their purpose and the world around them to work with Bronwen.

Last night I received this book, its words really powerful, could not put it down. Very aware that it has taken me 30+ years to learn and put this very book into action. Today I met another who needed to read what this Author had written, so passed it on. Feels good when you can help empower another. Thank you Bronwen Sciortino.

A Practical Guide to Reconnecting to the Real Self.

Bronwen Sciortino’s first book ‘Keep It Super Simple’ is as much a share from the soul as it is a practical guide to reconnecting to the real self. Her writing style enabled me to easily relate to my own life experiences, giving me powerful tools to help find my way ‘home’. I would recommend this book to any ‘recovering perfectionist’ – indeed I would recommend it to anyone ready to live life with ease and joy.

I am nearly finished your book! Oh Boy, Oh Boy! What a lot of courage it must of taken to put your heart on your sleeve and tell it how it was! I’m getting a few lessons myself – because I, like you, feel that my body is telling me it’s time for change!

What if They’re Wrong? What an interesting question; one that had crossed my mind before but not one that I had really considered or diligently applied to my life but this has changed after attending Bronwen Sciortino’s powerful presentation. Her strong story of the rise and rise to corporate success, the cost of that journey for her and then a spiritual awakening was completely engaging. More importantly as Bronwen helped us understand her story the power of her questioning saw her transform her life and of course made me reflect and question my own. I highly recommend attending any of her presentations or workshops and I look forward to finishing her book.


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