Are you ready to take a few simple steps to make sure you’re doing the things that are aligned with who you are?

Steps that make life easier and suddenly your life becomes effortless?

Steps that help you make sure you’re doing the things that are aligned with who you are, replacing the time and energy you have been putting into trying to be someone or something else with more rewarding ways of living and being.

Steps that show you how to minimise the impact of FOMO and YOLO on your life which means you consciously choose the things you love doing rather than spending your life doing the things others tell you that you should be doing.

Steps which deepen your understanding of yourself and therefore your ability to implement new learning easily into your life.

You probably feel a little lost – like you no longer know where to turn for your answers.

From the second you left university you felt the pressure to rise in your career – and quickly. You fear you might never amount to much if you haven’t made it already.

There’s pressure from every corner of your life and the constant pressure has slowly eroded away your self-esteem. It feels like you’re missing a piece of yourself but you don’t know where to look for it.

You work hard and give everything to everyone else in the hope that karma will pay you back one day.

You’re constantly busy – there are never enough hours in the day – and you often panic about trying to fit everything in and keep everyone happy.

You’re so busy being delivering on the work, home, friend, social and relationship fronts that there isn’t any time to spend working through what you need to be OK.

You wake up every day feeling exhausted to your bones but you push yourself to keep going because that’s the only way to keep the panic at letting people down at bay.

You’re exhausted and secretly terrified that your life will be this way forever – your head is constantly spinning because you’re looking for the key to success – but you don’t really know what success looks like.

Your life is a mix of:

  • Judgement and opinion from others on what you should and shouldn’t be doing …. And how you should and shouldn’t be doing it;
  • Never having enough hours in the day to deliver everything you’ve promised to everyone around you
  • Panic that you will let someone down
  • Juggling being overwhelmed and having your life out of control
  • Despair that you’ll never get to where you need to be and that you’ll stagnate in your life and your career
  • Desperately seeking salvation from your life but being resigned that it will most likely be a slog until you retire


  • Beating yourself up and being your own harshest critic because it seems like you’re constantly failing

Don’t stress!

The first thing to understand is that you’re not alone –  a high percentage of the Western population live their lives in exactly the same way you are currently living yours. You’ve jumped on the drive and migration to success with everyone else – and they’re all hiding the troubling aspects of their lives as well as you are.

Until stepping away from a traditional life, I was one of these people too. I learned the hard way, but what I’ve learned is that there is a very different way to live – a way that will accelerate your life and your path to success. 

Through my journey I’ve come to know that we’ve been taught to believe that change is hard and that we have to wait for a traumatic event that forces us to stop and change before we can make a difference in our own lives. Having been there – and beyond! – I can tell you with the knowledge gained from experience that everything I now have was easily available to me before my traumatic event and that change is very easy when you know how.

Imagine having the opportunity to skip experiencing the traumatic event and instead being able to step confidently into the thick of your own life, knowing that you are firmly on YOUR path.

Minimising  the impact of FOMO and YOLO on your life – meaning you are consciously choosing the things you love doing rather than spending your life doing the things others tell you that you should be doing.

Having simple steps on hand in every moment so that you always know the best ways to recharge YOUR energy so you can stop being exhausted all the time.

You know – without any doubt – who you are

You can easily implement simple steps that empower you in YOUR life – leading to greater confidence and self-integrity.

You spend every day living YOUR life

Once you know these things you can’t help but live in a very different way, where your time and energy are spent on making sure you’re doing the things that are aligned with your values – giving you more rewarding ways of living and being.

When your life is effortless you know that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Understanding how to find this place – and keep yourself there – is the key to being able to move forward and make your own decisions – about your own life!

I’m often told how courageous and strong I am, and sure – the way I used to live I needed to be all the time.

My journey has taught me that there is a way to live where courage and strength are things that only need to be brought out once in a while.

In my every day life there is very little courage and strength now – but what there is an abundance of is my ability to be smart with how I live my life.

This is why I have dedicated my life to showing people there’s a very different way to live – one where overwhelm is broken down into small, simple steps that are easy to take every day.

I want everyone to know that there are other ways to live – ones that you have chosen because you love them and they inspire you. Lives where you wake up energised and ready to bounce into each day because the days are full of the things you’re passionate about and that re-energise you constantly.

In 2015 I published my first book, Keep It Super Simple – Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist’.

Since then I have been featured in books, podcasts, print magazines, videos, interviews, print and online articles, vlogs, blogs and member platforms around the world.

This work became the bridge for people to use that enabled them to create simple shifts in their lives that would occur naturally from their making small decisions about the way they were prepared to live.

But something was missing.

I was regularly approached by people to work with them and I realised that people wanted more – that they wanted to work with me more personally.

Simple Shifts Professional Mentoring is the answer.

Here’s what people say about ‘Keep It Super Simple

Since I began working with Bronwen I have noticed such a change in my outlook and life in general. I am now able to clearly set a direction and make decisions that are aligned with my values and my true purpose. I am now working with clients who are aligned with my values and my personal and business relationships have blossomed with a new authenticity.

Bronwen’s approach and manner springs from a place of kindness and love, making even the most challenging aspects of this work seem achievable, accessible and beautiful in it’s simplicity. I would recommend anyone looking to connect more deeply with themselves, their purpose and the world around them to work with Bronwen. 

Joanne Casey – Managing Director – The Right Mix

‘Keep It Super Simple’ can save so many of us from going into a complete collapse before we find our true ground. Think about it: how far are you prepared to push until life will have to force you to stop and notice YOU?

‘Keep It Super Simple’ is more than a set of principles or a book that will throw in another chunk of information … you will find effective practices and suggestions on how to integrate simplicity, clarity and grounding into your life; how to make sense of who you are and where you are heading; how to find your own strength and purpose; how to find yourself in piles of expectations of others. It’s practical. It’s relevant’ It’s simple. The only things you’ll have to lose are complexity, confusion and stress from your life!

Anna Andrich – Project Manager 

If you are tired of being stressed and exhausted all the time.

Tired of running around after everyone else, giving everything of yourself in the hope that one day your life will be different.

Tired of struggling to get out of bed every morning.

Tired of feeling like it’s all too hard.

Tired of feeling stuck living a life that someone else has given to you.

Tired of desperately seeking salvation from your life but resigned to the fact that you will have to slog it until you retire.

Tired of of being overwhelmed and secretly terrified that your life will be like this forever, then the Simple Shifts Professional Mentoring Program is for you.

You have permission to make changes in your life NOW.

It’s time to make things easier for YOU.

It’s time to unlock the door that is keeping you from your life and for you to walk on through!

The Simple Shifts Professional Mentoring Program is about stepping into YOUR life so that you can align your life to your values and then live every day being true to you so you can bring your life into flow and experience an ease and effortlessness you’ll absolutely love.

It’s a 6 month intensive (in only the best possible way intensive!) experience.

You get to know yourself – really know yourself.

You’ll reconnect to who you are and easily learn to find the things that make your world magic.

It all starts with understanding your values and then learning to ask yourself some simple questions that will help you to align your life around them. When you know what your values are you’re able to self-direct your life in a way that you’ve never done before.

Because being able to make simple shifts in your every day life will open up the door to your being able to live in a very different way – where you can work towards dropping all the ‘stuff’ you’ve been carrying around and simply be yourself.

The program is tailored for each individual because we all have our own unique journey that we are here to experience.

Your Investment

From one perspective, having the opportunity to experience personal transformation that can completely change your life for the better is priceless. For you, it’s $865 per month + GST  with a minimum 6 month commitment.

  • We start by working defining your outcomes and goals for the mentoring program
    • This session will set the tone for where you are now, where you want to go and what tools, tips and tricks we need to share with you to assist you to get there.
  • Then we’ll move on to defining your values so you’ll clearly be able to see the things that are the most important to you.
  • Each month we’ll meet for one 90-minute session (either in person or via skype or zoom – depending on where you are located)
    • In these sessions we’ll be focusing on the ‘Keep It Super Simple’ coaching principles in line with your stated objectives and outcomes of the sessions.
    • Feedback and homework as appropriate can arise out of these sessions.
  • Each month – on the opposite fortnight to the ‘Keep It Super Simple’ sessions we will meet for half an hour via skype/zoom for an ITA Energy Alignment session.
    • We believe very strongly in ensuring that your energetic alignment supports your personal and professional growth so we include this aspect in the individual programs to assist the acceleration and integration of growth and development.
    • The session will begin with a skype/zoom mentoring conference for half an hour, followed by a half hour remote alignment session.
    • Feedback and appropriate homecare will then be sent through after the alignment has occurred.
  • The monthly fee includes:
    • unlimited access to your mentor via email,
    • all training modules included in sessions,
    • templates required for ‘homework; activities,
    • access to knowledge, wisdom, experience, tips and tricks during session time and via email external to sessions.

There is abundant support. Your mentor is with you every step of the way – sit back and experience the magic as it happens!

More fabulous feedback about the magic of ‘Keep It Super Simple’

Let’s do something about taking back our lives from the stresses of work.

Bronwen gave good insight into why we need to continue to review our lives, what’s important and what we can do about changes – it’s not scary!

Thank you Bronwen – it was a great event. 

Janine Chapman – Committee Member – Strata Alliance 

What if they’re wrong? What an interesting question; one that had crossed my mind before but not one that I had applied to my life.

This changed after attending Bronwen Sciortino’s powerful presentation. Her strong story of the rise and rise to corporate success, and the cost of that journey was completely engaging. More importantly, as Bronwen helped us understand her story the power of her questioning saw her transform her life and of course made me reflect on my own.

I highly recommend attending any of her presentations or workshops and I look forward to finishing her book. 

Mary Dwyer – Managing Director – Impact Solutions International 

To apply for a position in the Simple Shifts Professional Mentoring Program call or email Bronwen Sciortino today:


+61 438 624 868

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About Bronwen Sciortino

Bronwen Sciortino, Author and Simplicity Expert, is the  developer of the ‘Keep It Super Simple’ (KISS)  framework – a range of simple principles designed to help people focus inwardly in order to make changes that enable them to lead less complex and more rewarding lives.

An inspirational speaker, author and workshop facilitator, Bronwen now spends every day working with people globally through corporate and business programs,  conference platforms, retreats, professional mentoring and in the online environment.  Bronwen actively shares her secrets to success and inspires individuals to reduce stress, build resilience and embrace change.

Bronwen shares her story and the KISS framework with audiences of all sizes and backgrounds through her keynotes, her book and member platforms such as HuffPost and My Well Being Magazine, in addition to facilitated and online workshops and programs.


Simple Shifts Professional Mentoring is ideal for you because it’s your change to reconnect with yourself and take control of your life back. It will change the way you think about yourself, your life and what you are prepared to accept as normal every day.

You won’t look back from completing this program!