Before I began working with Bronwen, I was trying to make a number of changes in my life.  After working in a toxic culture, I’d started my own business and thought this would be the change I needed to live a better life and feel more fulfilled.   While I was certainly in a better place than I had been, I still felt there had to be something more to life.  I was feeling like there was so much I wasn’t doing, and I felt incredible pressure for this new business to be a ‘ success’ – but I had no idea what that success should look like.

Since I began working with Bronwen I have noticed such a change to my outlook and life in general.  From both a personal and business perspective, I am now able to clearly set a direction and make decisions that are aligned with my values and my true purpose.  I am now working with clients who are aligned with my values and my personal and business relationships have blossomed with a new authenticity.  Bronwen’s approach and manner springs from a place of kindness and love, making even the most challenging aspects of this work seem achievable, accessible and beautiful in its simplicity.  I would recommend anyone, looking to connect more deeply with themselves, their purpose and the world around them to work with Bronwen.