A lot of us become entrepreneurs and/or small business owners by accident. Something happens in our lives and suddenly we need more flexibility, or we need a product or service that simply isn’t available, and it falls to us to make it happen.

We’re suddenly thrust into the world of business ownership and we need to be efficient, effective and competent in all sorts of areas of business that someone else had always looked after before.

We have to make decisions on the fly, we’ve got to be connected, conscious and thinking ahead of the game at the same time as having our sleeves rolled up and our hands dirty at the coal face getting everything done.

Even if we have a few staff members, we don’t have the peer circle readily available that we can bounce our ideas off, pick their brain and be challenged at an ‘eye-to-eye’ level anymore.

In short – it can get really lonely out on our own – and without the stimulation of our peers, we can sometimes find our creativity dampened and our desire to create in a freefall.

That’s where the ‘Getting to the Heart of Business’ program steps in and creates an environment where like-minded, heart centred business owners come together to create a support network that assists you in combatting this sense of loneliness.

Spending time with, and creating long term relationships with a unique group of people enables each individual to draw on the collective wisdom of the group.

The next round of ‘Getting to the Heart of Business’ starts in February 2018, and is limited to 6 participants.

Ready to join? Apply now by requesting an application form: https://sheiqlife.com/contact