You brought a lot of skills and wisdom to your business when you first started it, but things move so quickly now that you find it hard to keep up with changing trends, be an industry disruptor, wear the creative hat, keep on top of everything and find time to have the life you thought you could create for yourself when you decided to become a business owner.

To top it off, you have to compete against the big players in your industry to be seen, and that can seem impossible because as a small business you simply don’t have the same marketing budget, or the people to implement it, that they do.

There are loads of things we cover in the ‘Getting to the Heart of Business’ program, but one of them will help you to combat the feeling of being the ‘small’ player in your industry and let you in on a few secrets to playing above your weight.

This module of the program will show you how to create, document and implement your own expert status, and support you so that you have the confidence to use it to leverage free publicity and media coverage that will assist you in gaining exposure directly to your target market.

With the support and encouragement of your program buddies, you can find yourself stepping forward and reaping the benefits that not even the big players in your industry know how to leverage.

The next round of ‘Getting to the Heart of Business’ starts in February 2018, and is limited to 6 participants.

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