There are many reasons why you might consider joining a group coaching program.

Group coaching brings together a unique group of people in a facilitated environment that enables each individual in the group to draw on the collective wisdom of the group. The facilitation of the group by a qualified and experienced coach, enhances the group’s ability to develop on an individual and collective basis.

Sometimes, being in business can be lonely and, particularly in small and micro business there can often be no one to talk to. Group coaching programs can provide a double-barrelled benefit in being able to give access to a structured development program, alongside the opportunity for an individual to connect and feel supported by other business owners committed to their business development and to the group experience as a whole.

In the right environment, and with the right facilitator, a group coaching program an also facilitate an opportunity to develop an advisory board environment that will open you to a broad range of knowledge and experience giving you an instant way to access multiple points of view that can save your business tens of thousands of dollars.

The ‘Getting to the Heart of Business’ program philosophy has a number of key ingredients:

One part bringing together heart based entrepreneurs + one part creating mastermind + one part exploring and developing practical, simple structures + one part abundant quantities of support, commitment to take action, willingness to learn, open sharing and one part bucket loads of self-compassion.

If you’ve got that feeling where you know that this is the right program for you, then the next round of ‘Getting to the Heart of Business’ starts in February 2018, and is limited to 6 participants.

Ready to join? You can start your application process now! Simply click on this link to request an application form: