Did we ever really know what ‘normal’ life was?

Every day was full of noise and chaos, and we sped through everything without taking most of it in. We became unconscious about our actions, reactions and the impact that we were making – on both people around us and our planet.

It was hard to breathe, but we pushed through anyway.

We had millions of resources at our fingertips but our health and wellbeing declined anyway, because it felt like we didn’t have the time to make it our focus.

We were busy, disconnected and life was out of control.

We touched the surface of everything we were involved in, because who had time to do anything more than this?

Life became about forcing ourselves into every day, struggling to be relevant and desperately seeking salvation from what we were living within but not engaged with.

Normal wasn’t working.

It took a global pandemic that locked everyone in their homes for the world to stop and be forced into change.

But even that change has been orchestrated by opinions and instructions on the way that we’re supposed to be living in our own homes.

Whether it’s the “do’s and don’ts” of how to behave, dress, act, react and participate in online meetings, or the food we’re supposed to be eating, or the schedule we’re supposed to be keeping, or the exercise we’re supposed to be doing – and the list goes on – we’re being herded into motivation like it’s going to save our lives.

The reality is that this is no different to life before COVID-19. It’s just that we’re experiencing it from behind a screen rather than in the ‘outside’ world and in person.

The simplest way forward is through taking advantage of the time we’ve been given.

It’s time to turn ‘normal’ on its head and to start asking the question: “What if there’s a better way to live?”

Normal landed us on our butts, in our homes and locked down for weeks on end. We went into this from a place of stress and exhaustion, and the anxiety that came with it saw us teetering on the edge of complete burnout.

If we want life to look different moving forwards, then now’s a great time to ask ourselves a few simple questions that can completely re-shape our lives, and give us a simple path that we can follow to a healthy, rewarding AND successful life:

  • What are the three things that are the most important to you, for YOUR life?
  • What do you need to be OK?
  • How can you make sure that you give those things to yourself on a daily basis?

If we align our lives to the answers that come from these questions, then we are always focusing on giving ourselves the things that allow us to be consciously connected to what we need. We’re giving ourselves the things that literally give us energy, and that make it easier for us to move forwards every day.

Taking a small amount of time to think about whether what we’re doing matches what we need gives us conscious control over the direction our life is heading.

Adding a few questions into the way make decisions about the things you do – and don’t do – makes it so much simpler to move your life in a different way.

And every time you make a decision that matches the truth of what is important to you and what you need to be OK, you make it simpler to live the life that was always meant to be yours.

There are some really simple questions you can start asking yourself to help you on your way. If you want some help finding questions that matter, you can access tips in the articles and videos in my FREE email series – it’s a great way to help you begin your journey. Simply click here to start you on your way.

Bronwen Sciortino is a Simplicity Expert, Professional Speaker and an internationally renowned author. You can follow her at her websiteFacebookInstagram, or LinkedIn.