There’s nothing normal about being tired and exhausted all the time. If you want to start living your life differently then this ‘Empowerment Activity Pack’  is for you. Jam packed with guidance to help you navigate where your life is at now, along with simple and practical steps you can take to face fear, overcome overwhelm and much more. If it’s time to do things differently, then these activities are for you.

Energy Management:

Most of us live lives that feel like they’re spinning out of control. One of the easiest ways to bring our lives back into balance is to understand where we get our energy from, and the best ways for us to re-energise ourselves every day so that we aren’t constantly draining from a non-existent energy source. This activity will help you to understand your unique energy system, find the activities that support you and then help you to create a daily structure that allows you to refuel your energy tank on a regular basis. Your empowerment comes from know what you need, when you need it and in the format you need to receive it.

Quit Being Busy:

‘I’m so busy…’ , it’s become the pre-requisite for proving that your life is a success. Without knowing that we’re doing it, we manage to fill our lives with layer after layer of ‘stuff’ so that we can prove to everyone we’re busy. Life is so much more visible now and if we can’t prove we’re busy then we might be seen to be falling behind. This activity empowers you to stop, look at what it is you’re actually busy doing and then gives you simple and practical steps you can take to start filling your life with the things you need and want to be doing.

Comfort Zones:

Is your comfort zone killing you? More often than not, we continue to do the same things in life, day after day, while expecting and hoping for a different outcome. Our lives are out of control, we’re constantly left with way too much on our plate, rushing from one thing to another without really feeling like we’re achieving anything worthwhile. Yet we don’t do anything to make a change or live life differently. This activity allows you to really take a look at what is in your comfort zone and then empowers you to consciously make decisions about what you would like to be doing, and then gives you simple steps you can take to get there.

If it’s time to empower yourself to do things a little bit differently, then this activity pack is for you.

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