There are so many things that can get in the way of putting the real value on the products and services that you are selling.

When it comes to talking dollars we can get an ‘icky’ feeling inside, and often it seems like there are a million other things that are more important and get done first.

Pricing things you are selling, can seem like a really complex process and therefore most people shy away from doing it at all. In addition, a lot of us just don’t believe we have the right ‘maths brain’ wiring to be able to do it …. And therefore, it doesn’t get done.

I hear you – it wasn’t my favourite thing either …. That is until I created a really simple process that allows you to easily learn how to do the sums to work out exactly what it costs you to provide the products and services in your business in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand.

There are layers of considerations when it comes to understanding the true cost of your products and services so you’ll not only be looking at the dollar component of pricing but also the other cost layers – the ones that rarely get considered but have just as big an impact.

Doing business doesn’t have to be difficult and the ‘Getting to the Heart of Business’ profit clarity process is a perfect example of how easily you can be empowered to make great decisions in your business.

The next round of ‘Getting to the Heart of Business’ starts in February 2018, and is limited to 6 participants.

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