Life is tense right now.

The world was thrown into chaos – en masse and without warning.

Life was ‘normal’ … and then in the blink of an eye we were thrown into this void of uncertainty. A big, black, bottomless hole suddenly appeared in front of us – daring us to challenge it.

We’re all experiencing this differently.

Some of us live in places where life has changed minimally, while others have had their whole lives turned upside down.

In some places, we’re picking up the pieces and taking steps to emerge and tentatively create a new way of life. In others, we’re still in the depths of upheaval with no relief in sight.

There’s also a lot of conflicting information which only serves to create more confusion.

We crave certainty, we crave normalcy … and we’re more than ready to move on.

Reports are showing that depression, distress, anxiety and burnout are on the rise … with higher records than ever seen before being recorded right now.

We’re connected, so it’s easy to see the effects of the chaos no matter where it’s being experienced around the world.

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We’re also sensitive, so we feel the pain, we absorb the hurt and we live the tragedy and the crisis of others throughout the globe.

Right now, life hurts.

It takes courage to keep going. It takes courage to get out of bed. It takes courage to survive. It takes courage to take a single step. It takes courage to find some hope.


But we forget how much hope we carry in our soul.

It’s so easy for us to find bucketloads of hope when it comes to buoying others, yet we find it so incredibly hard to find it when we need it ourselves.

Some of us are faced with rebuilding our lives, but the Earth is demanding that all of us start over in some way.

It is our hope that will see us through.

Hope allows us to step to the side and view the situation from a different angle. A new angle gives a new perspective, and a new perspective brings the opportunity to ask new questions and gather new information.

Imagine if what is happening to you was happening to your best friend. What advice would you give them? What would you do for them that could help them move forwards in a different way?

Start by asking yourself some simple questions that allow you to put down the emotion of the moment for a while:

  • What’s working in my life?
  • What can I do a little bit differently to move my life in a different way?
  • How can I make it as simple as possible to take my next step?

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Simple questions will always help you to find information that allows you to move forwards in a new way.

Tap into the hope that resides in your heart. Give yourself the same encouragement you would shower on your friends. One single step is enough to help you get underway.


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This article first appeared on Prosperi Press in August 2020. You can read the article by clicking here.