Guest Blog – First published on the blog – 24 March 2016

Sacred. Blessed. Lucky. Fortunate. Bold.

They’re all words that float through your mind when on retreat in Chiang Mai.

The space, the people, the place – they’re all sacred and you cannot help but be drawn into the magic of the energy that surrounds you. You know, in the innermost core of your being, that you will not leave this place the same as when you arrived. Your life is changed forever – even if you can’t quite put your finger on how just yet.

Every step on retreat leads you to a deeper connection with yourself and with the world around you. You are surrounded by blessings – from the respect filled greeting of every member of staff, to the beautiful food prepared with love and pride, to the surrounds of the resort, to the commitment to the group energy from your fellow retreaters.

Every breath reminds you to look around you and drink in the smell of peace and solitude that the surrounds provide. You are in a fully supported environment where every step of your journey is acknowledged and celebrated by people who accept you unconditionally. You cannot help but feel grateful for the unwavering support around you – you are lucky.

Connecting with group energy in such a sacred place is nothing short of humbling. When doors that previously didn’t exist start opening and you receive experiences you never would have dreamed to be possible you know the group work is fully supported and that you are fortunate to have been a part of it.

Mostly – you cannot leave this retreat without a deeper knowing. You might have no idea about the transformation that has taken place, and it may take some time for the transformation to be integrated. But I truly believe you will leave the retreat with a new, and bold outlook on your life, your path, your purpose and the impact it will have in the world.

Mahatma my beautiful soul family – my tribe.

Much love

Bron x