We’re facing un-precedented times.

There’s uncertainty, everything is changing rapidly and most people are feeling high levels of fear and anxiety.

Yesterday, I asked you to let me know what they’re worrying about so I could put together some tips to help you reduce stress and feel less anxiety and fear.

A number of people contacted me and said that they’re really worrying about money and the impact on their family in these uncertain times.

Money – it’s a big one!

Everyone around the world is impacted in some way with economies contracting, demand moving to certain sectors and ignoring others, people losing their jobs or being stood down and a general level of uncertainty about what might happen next.

Perhaps the greatest impact of all right now around money is the complete uncertainty of how long all of this might last.

Before we know it, we find ourselves in a worry spiral where we are completely engrossed in what ‘might’ happen.

While ever we’re in this spiral we’re limited in our ability to see a way out, but we’re also putting our body and our immune system under pressure because we trigger the fight and flight response within our system.

So, even though it is really challenging right now and there are loads of things that are unknown, it’s really important that we take simple steps to try and support ourselves so we can minimise the stress that’s running through our body.

How can you do this?

You can support the body with really simple things like:

  • Abdominal breathing exercises – these help to switch the body out of fight and flight mode which helps your major organs and digestive system to operate normally. You can find lots of examples on how to do abdominal breathing on YouTube – click here to start your search. Do these exercises every day – and multiple times a day if you want to.
  • Grounding exercises – go outside and get your feet into the grass, the earth or the sand. This can help you to reduce inflammation, reduce cortisol (which is related to stress), decrease pain, increase your energy and can also increase healing speed. You can do your abdominal breathing while you’re grounding.
  • Over worrying / over thinking meditation – Melaney Ryan from the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness has released a fantastic meditation to help you release emotional imbalance by focusing on the organs and other areas of the energetic anatomy that are related to over worrying and over thinking. Melaney is currently offering this meditation for free – you can download your copy by clicking here.

There are also some fantastic resources that have been created by two of my good friends that are specifically money related.

Christina Cabrera is a Money Muse who works with people to help them manage the emotions that are attached to money so they can feel enlightened, inspired and strengthened in their relationship with money. We can all do with a bit of that right now!

Christina has created a free e-Book written specifically for the chaos that we’re experiencing around COVID-19. It covers mindset and some money tips for individuals and also for those who have their own business.  You can download your copy for free by clicking here.

You can also find more information on Christina’s website by clicking here.

Lacey Filipich is one of the Co-Founders of the Money School – she’s an author and works tirelessly to help people work through their money issues and learn to interact with their money in a different way.

Lacey has written several articles since the outbreak of COVID-19 and these three in particular can be really helpful right now:

All three of these articles have great tips to help you think about things in a different way. Use them to help move you from the stress spiral.

You can find more information about Lacey on the Money School website by clicking here.

All it can take is one simple step to help you move your life in a different way. Be as flexible as you can and as kind as you can right now – with yourself and with others.

And remember, we’ll get through this together – as a community and supporting each other.