If ‘Simon Says’ … do you HAVE to do it?

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Do you remember playing ‘Simon Says’ as a young child? It’s widely recognised as a simple way to help young children with creativity, motor development, body awareness, sequencing skills, sportsmanship and self-regulation development. Plus, you have the added benefits of being able to play it anywhere, anytime with no need to lug around lots of equipment [...]

Leave the ‘rat race’ behind: three easy steps to live life differently (super practical)

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At some point we all dream of leaving the ‘rat race’ behind us and sailing off into the sunset for a life that is stress free, relaxed and joyful. But is this even a reality with the way we live our lives? We often refer to our lives being part of it, but most of us [...]

How to Achieve Personal Mastery

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Since the beginning of time, when there’s a problem running wild around the world, a movement rises to provide a solution. It starts with a front runner who creates the first product, course, book or program. Then others add their expertise to the fray until there is so much noise that it’s hard to know where [...]

Why Burnout is a Broken Promise

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Right before my life shattered into a million pieces, I remember thinking that it must be easier to just collapse, be given mind numbing drugs and go slouch on a couch in a clinic somewhere. I just needed a break. A break from life. A break from the pressure. A break from feeling like nothing was [...]

If you’re worrying about money amidst all this chaos, here’s some resources to help you think in a different way

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We’re facing un-precedented times. There’s uncertainty, everything is changing rapidly and most people are feeling high levels of fear and anxiety. Yesterday, I asked you to let me know what they’re worrying about so I could put together some tips to help you reduce stress and feel less anxiety and fear. A number of people contacted [...]

Can we really simplify life and still have everything we want?

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What would it take for you to feel free? Our lives are busier than ever - they're so complex when simplicity will do. We're programed from a young age to relentlessly, often ruthlessly pursue. We push ourselves to the extreme to try and reach success. We're totally unconscious to the fact that we're slowly and painfully [...]

Stress – the hottest topic for 2020 & beyond!

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Stress is the word that is on everyone's lips. It's no longer an under the radar topic - it's now front and centre in everyone's lives. Click on the link for the video to find out what you need to know, and some of the simple things you can do to start living your life differently: [...]

What inspires you to move?

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 … so you can create a life that’s tailor made for you.   How many times do you catch yourself with your head spinning because you’re part way through something you thought you needed, discovered you are bored with it and then find your attention moving to the next new shiny solution that will ‘fix’ you? [...]

Do we really need to focus on stress – or is it all media hype?

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We've been hearing so much about stress and the true impact of having it in our lives, but is it something we really need to look at, or is it just another beat up by the media? Eric Dye and I discuss this topic in detail in this interview for EPN Radio. You can listen to [...]

Stress Myths – what you need to know

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There are a lot of myths surrounding stress - click the link to find out what you need to know and what you can do to move your life in a different direction:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e7h5L1R3A0

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