… so you can create a life that’s tailor made for you.


How many times do you catch yourself with your head spinning because you’re part way through something you thought you needed, discovered you are bored with it and then find your attention moving to the next new shiny solution that will ‘fix’ you?

We live in an age where there is a deluge of information at our fingertips. The longer we spend looking, the more confused we become because for every article that says ‘A’ is the solution there is another one that says ‘B’ or ‘C’ will help us dissolve all our woes.

Every moment of life is now highly visible, so not only does this make us feel like we have to achieve more – and more often – but now we have to share what we’re doing to prove that we’re achieving.

“The word ‘just’ is creeping into the way we conceptualise and describe what we’re doing …” more and more often says Author & Qualified Psychologist Dr Jo Lukin (jolukins.com).

Little things that underpin our life and make it easy for us to stay connected with who we truly are don’t seem good enough anymore, and we find ourselves reaching for things that will create the ‘right’ image in our social channels.

We’re so driven now to spend so much time trying to be a better version of ourselves that the every day activities that combine together to so we can grow and develop are being shoved aside in favour of things that appear to be a greater achievement.

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Then we end up doing things that mean almost nothing to us.

We go searching for things that are meant to make us better people – the things that will allow us to get ahead. If we’re better, then that might put us at the front of the pack and then we’ll surely be OK.

But then we find that we’re bored, that the thing we’ve signed up for isn’t really what we needed. So we go looking again, and again and again.

Before we know it, we’ve spent a load of money and a whole lot of time chasing things that weren’t right for us, and we discover that our life is empty and full of an overwhelming feeling of being lost.

Focus on what makes you whole and you’ll be full steam ahead

The great thing about being lost is that there is always an opportunity for you find yourself again.

They key, is that you find yourself rather than let yourself be ‘rescued’ by someone else.

Learn to ask yourself questions that connect you with the things that inspire you and you’ll start finding the answers that matter for your life.

You’re a unique individual – one of a kind. So why wouldn’t you want a tailor made solution that’s perfect for only you?

You’ll move effortlessly when you start to take steps that were designed especially for you. You’re the only one who knows what those steps are, so start to tune in to what you need, give yourself the attention you deserve and tailor make the life that you’ve been chasing for so long.

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This article was first published on Thrive Global on 17th February 2020. You can read the article by clicking here.