The World Health Organisation has now formally declared that it exists – but what does that actually mean for you?

The only thing that’s really changed is that it should now be easier for a doctor to provide you with a diagnosis, should you ever experience burnout.

The fact is, burnout exists and it’s become increasingly more common. But … being common doesn’t mean that it is normal – far from it.

Despite being taught that being stressed and exhausted is a requirement for being successful, there is nothing normal about having either of them in your life.

Results from research conducted all over the world are now showing that long term stress causes all sorts of reactions that affect both your physical and mental health. The longer and harder you push yourself, the more extreme the effects will be.

Life is only going to get faster; developments in technology in a very short space of time have made  sure that this is the case. You’re also much more visible than ever before, so it can be hard to feel like you’re keeping up – let alone maintain a sense of calm – in what feels like a chaotic, noisy world.

The pressure of living like this can be overwhelming; the exhaustion alone brings a weight that is hard to bear. Now, more than ever before, your health and well being rely on knowing what YOU need to be OK within this changing environment.

There is a very different way to live – and the way to get there starts with taking a step in a slightly different direction.


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Here’s five simple and easy ways you can start to beat burnout without breaking the budget or taking too much time:


  1. Do one thing daily that’s just for you. Give yourself just one thing every day that fuels your energy. Spend time with people, in places or doing things that make you feel great – these are the things that give you energy.


  1. Get outside. Research from all around the world is showing that spending as little as 20 minutes outside every day can help to reduce your stress levels by up to 20%.


  1. Breathe deeply. Fact: breathing deeply is the only scientifically proven activity that automatically switches your body from ‘fight or flight’ mode back into the para-sympathetic nervous system.


  1. Listen to your favourite music. Music has been used across time to evoke feeling and response … so use it to your advantage by playing your favourite music so you can boost your energy.


  1. Focus on your sleep. Sleep allows you to move into a state of consciousness that gives your body an opportunity to heal and regenerate. If you’re well rested then your immune system will be boosted and you’ll be able to buffer whatever life throws at you day-to-day.


Burnout is real. Combatting it doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or take loads of time. All it takes is a little bit of attention and allowing yourself some time – this will help you to be the best version of yourself whilst stepping into the noise and chaos around you.

Isn’t it time you took a few simple steps to live your life a little bit differently?

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This article was first published on The Carousel on the 12th July 2019. You can read the article by clicking here.