I used to hate the thought of making New Year’s Resolutions.

I was completely disconnected from my own life and I found myself stuck when needing to come up with reasonable and acceptable things that I wanted to be doing.

When travel was in my plans, I would always follow the advice of others and my travel plans were booked around the popular destinations and sights to see whilst there.

I would come home from a trip away and people would ask me how my holiday was. I’d find myself feeling embarrassed because I couldn’t summon any enthusiasm about the places I had been.

Worse, I was always left feeling ungrateful and embarrassed that I had had the good fortune to have been able to travel and then hadn’t really enjoyed it.

Does this ring a bell for you?

Life is so full of hustle and bustle and it gets faster every day.

When you live in a disconnected way, it’s more difficult to relax and rejuvenate yourself on a regular basis. If you can’t rest, then you will always be tired and when you’re tired everything is harder.

There are always people out there who will tell you all the things you need to be doing, and all the places you need to be going. If you listen to them when you’re exhausted, it’s harder for you to be consciously aware of what you do and don’t want to be doing.

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Join the ‘New Year – Whole You’ Challenge

Make your focus for 2020 the refuelling of yourself, so that you will always have the energy you need to truly enjoy your life.

Instead of trying to be a ‘better’ version of you, focus instead on being the ‘whole’ version of yourself. You are a unique individual, perfect exactly as you are. You don’t need to be better, you simply need to be whole.

This year, I’d like to invite you to step out of the traditional New Year’s Resolution process and instead make an intention to reconnect with who you truly are. I’ve made it easy for you to start the process – simply join the ‘New Year – Whole You’ challenge and watch your life start to unfold in front of your eyes.

Make 2020 the year you start to purposefully direct your life. To join the challenge head to https://sheiqlife.com/7-steps-email-series and access a host of information, activities and easy to follow steps.

Consciously choose your travel

Once you’ve completed the 7-step email series you’ll have a better connection with who you truly are – and it will be easier to find the places and experiences that you really want to visit. Samantha and her team are highly experienced at helping you to choose the best options for you – use their wisdom and knowledge to find options and then make your own choices about what’s right for you.

When you allow your soul to direct your travel, you light the fire in your heart and create lasting memories that make your eyes shine. It is these memories that fuel your desire to find your next adventure. Align your travel with what you need to become a whole person and you will be talking about your journey until the cows come home.

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