Informative, Warm & Professional Style

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Bronwen Sciortino is an accomplished speaker who is able to engage an audience with her informative, warm and professional presentation style. As the leader of a women's business network, I engaged Bronwen as a speaker and was very impressed with her ability to clearly articulate her message, as well as develop a rapport which has extended [...]

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Exceptional Feedback

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Bronwen’s lived experiences and professional career qualifies her well to speak and engage others on the subject of wellness. Exceptional feedback was received from the participants of our Wellness at Work workshop that Bronwen wrote and facilitated, accompanied by a workbook to keep people on track

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Highly Recommended

By |2019-02-25T15:26:24+08:00December 4th, 2018|

What if They're Wrong? What an interesting question; one that had crossed my mind before but not one that I had really considered or diligently applied to my life. This has changed after attending Bronwen Sciortino's powerful presentation. Her strong story of the rise and rise to corporate success, the cost of that journey for her [...]

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Do Something Before It’s Too Late

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“Don’t wait till its too late”  Lets do something about taking back our lives from the stresses of work. Bronwen gave good insight into why we need to continue to review our lives, what’s important and what we can do about change – its not that scary. Thank you Bronwen – it was a great event.

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