Combatting the Stress of Being a Leader? Here’s 5 Things you Can Do Almost Immediately

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Combatting the Stress of Being a Leader? Here’s Five Things Women Can Do Almost Immediately There’s a reason ‘it’s lonely at the top’ is one of the most commonly used phrases by people in leadership positions … and it’s never been more true than for women who take on leadership roles. The basic definition of a [...]

What Value Do You Place on Your Life?

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First published on HuffPost 22/04/2017 Every day is made up of a string of choices – some of them large, some of them small. Some of them conscious but most of them unconscious. Almost all of them place little thought on the value that we place on our life. Most of the time we wander mechanically [...]

Choose your own adventure

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First published as an article for on 18/04/2017 When I was growing up there were these fabulous books that allowed you to choose what happened next in the story you were reading. You chose from one of three or four options and it took you on a different path in the story. At each junction [...]

It’s Time …. Take Your Place

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First published as a guest blog post for on 11/04/2017 It’s time …. Take your place – Mahat Retreat - Chiang Mai 2017 Welcome to a world within a world …. a bubble in time where you can blink and find hours have passed at the same time as noticing that time has slowed down. [...]

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