Busy Addiction is a Significant Problem Among Women Afraid of Missing Out

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Article first published on www.steelheels.com.au on 31/01/2017 The fear of missing out (FOMO) is becoming a driving force in the lives of too many of us.   We overload our lives with unnecessary activity because we’re focused on finding the ‘golden nugget’ that is going to catapult us to success and we’re worried that we’ll miss [...]

Stop Waiting for Permission to Change

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Article first published on www.dynamicbusinesswomen.com.au on 16/01/2016 Make Changes….  It’s Your Choice We’re taught from a very early age that change is something to be feared. In fact, over time this message has been reinforced so strongly that we now fear change more than we fear death. As we grow up we’re conditioned by the people [...]

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