It’s OK to rest

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Sometimes, the best thing you can do is rest … especially when you find yourself stuck in your life.   Do you remember what it felt like to have your life under control? It wouldn’t be unsual for you to find it hard to remember what happened last week, let alone a few years ago. Life [...]

Know when to ask for help

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... so the grass is always greener on your side. Sometimes it’s hard to remember why you started your own business, but I’ll bet it was because you needed something from the world that wasn’t available through existing channels. Often, this can mean stepping out of one industry and into a completely different one – simply [...]

5 Totally underrated but effective ways to avoid burnout

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Burnout. The World Health Organisation has now formally declared that it exists – but what does that actually mean for you? The only thing that’s really changed is that it should now be easier for a doctor to provide you with a diagnosis, should you ever experience burnout. The fact is, burnout exists and it’s become [...]

Feel the stress rising?

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... focus on these three things instead. Stress and burnout are on the rise and are starting to significantly affect what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. At different times you’re stretched in different ways, trying to find the balance between the demands on your people, the equipment you need to be able to provide [...]

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