Is your marketing budget too small to compete with the big brands effectively?

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You’ll fall in love with how easy your marketing will be once you’ve completed the module on creating, developing and implementing your expert status in the ‘Getting to the Heart of Business’ program …. And you won’t need more staff or cloned versions of yourself to fit it into your everyday activities.   Want to [...]

Creating, documenting and implementing your expert status

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You brought a lot of skills and wisdom to your business when you first started it, but things move so quickly now that you find it hard to keep up with changing trends, be an industry disruptor, wear the creative hat, keep on top of everything and find time to have the life you thought you [...]

It can be lonely as an entrepreneur

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A lot of us become entrepreneurs and/or small business owners by accident. Something happens in our lives and suddenly we need more flexibility, or we need a product or service that simply isn’t available, and it falls to us to make it happen. We’re suddenly thrust into the world of business ownership and we need to [...]

Have you factored in all the costs to deliver your products and services? Are you sure?

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It’s time to talk pricing. But not in the way you may be thinking! There are layers of considerations when it comes to understanding the true cost of what you are selling:   Want to know how to access the Getting to the Heart of Business program? The early-bird investment is open until the [...]

Are your products and services really paying you what you’re worth?

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There are so many things that can get in the way of putting the real value on the products and services that you are selling. When it comes to talking dollars we can get an ‘icky’ feeling inside, and often it seems like there are a million other things that are more important and get done [...]

Why Learn in a Group?

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Tired of not having the ability to tap into $1,00's worth of business support? This may be your solution ....     Want to know how to access this program? Register before 18th January 2018, saving you $50 per month off the program.  So much more cost effective than hiring all those individuals you [...]

Are Group Training Programs Worth the Time and Money?

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There are many reasons why you might consider joining a group coaching program. Group coaching brings together a unique group of people in a facilitated environment that enables each individual in the group to draw on the collective wisdom of the group. The facilitation of the group by a qualified and experienced coach, enhances the group’s [...]

Exhausted at the mere thought of all you could do to make your business the success you want it to be?

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Stress and exhaustion are almost compulsory components of our life now .... here's a few tips on how to re-energise every day so that you always have the energy you need to be active in every area of your life.   One of the easiest ways to bring our lives back into balance is to [...]

The Secret to Getting the Most Out of Your Energy

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Our lives are busy – the speed that things move around us, coupled with constant over-stimulation and no respite from the 24/7 connection of technology means that we are often caught burning the candle at both ends. Stress and exhaustion are common components of our lives and, over time we’ve come to believe that without these [...]

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