3 reasons you should never rely on your employer for solutions to your stress

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We’ve been taught for decades that being stressed is normal. There’s a perception that if you’re not stressed, then you’re not working hard enough, and the pressure is piled on for you to ‘lift your game’. If others around you are struggling under the weight of the things they need to deliver, but you’re sailing along [...]

Is stopping what you really need to do right now?

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We live our lives lurching from mini-break to mini-break, from this holiday to the next. Life carries such an intensity now. We’re all exhausted, we’re all stressed. We know that it’s not good for us; we know we’re unwell. But we carry on anyway. All around us are messages for us to stop, to slow down. [...]

5 ways FOMO fuels the overwhelm of being busy

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We’ve all felt it. The external, invisible power that drives us to do things we don’t really want to, just ‘in case we miss out’. All it takes is a blink, and suddenly our lives are full of over stimulation and information overload. We’re bombarded with marketing messages that tell us all the things that are [...]

Do you wish your life was simpler?

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Do you wish your life was simpler? Here’s what you need to know: Most of us have been taught that we have to push ourselves in order to be able to achieve anything significant. The old saying: ‘No pain – no gain’ has morphed into ‘No stress – no success’. We’re driven to achieve, to succeed [...]

I escaped the shackles of corporate life … but I had to hit rock bottom first.

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You can escape them too … but without all the hullabaloo. I used to be a corporate executive. I ticked the boxes I was supposed to tick, I climbed the ladder and I reached the pinnacle. I spent every day running around, looking after everyone else and making sure everyone was OK. During the day, I [...]

What impact are you having on yourself?

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The world always continues to turn. No matter what is happening, no matter what you do, no matter how integral to a process or system, job or outcome you think you are, it will turn whether you are there or not. That’s not easy to read, I know, but I’ve experienced it first hand. I spent [...]

Starting over might not be as hard as you might think

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Life is tense right now. The world was thrown into chaos – en masse and without warning. Life was ‘normal’ … and then in the blink of an eye we were thrown into this void of uncertainty. A big, black, bottomless hole suddenly appeared in front of us – daring us to challenge it. We’re all [...]

If you want to start over, lose control

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Uncertainty. It’s like a massive black void sitting right in front of us. It’s wide and gaping and terrifying. … What if we take a step in the wrong direction? … What will that mean? … How will it look? … What will people think? We’re so afraid to step out of line, to get things [...]

Want your life to be different? Here’s what you must be prepared to do

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Life. It’s messy, noisy and complex. It’s demanding, confusing and exhausting. It’s so easy to look around you and feel like you’re not keeping up – like everyone else is achieving and moving forwards and you’re stuck, sitting still or going round in circles. Sometimes, it feels like it might be easier to just give in [...]

10 Lessons from a previously burnt out woman

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Life can change in the blink of an eye. One minute, you’re enmeshed in everything you have going on, rushing from one responsibility to the next and barely remembering to breathe, because you have that much on your plate. In the next moment, everything is shattered, you’re broken and you can’t stop crying. I knew I [...]

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